Thursday, January 13, 2011

Malmö Crime City Hardcore

Today when I checked my p.o. box I got several packages from all around the world. Three of em had one thing in comment, they came from Crime City Malmö. For years they had a very strong and committed punk/hc scene with countless awesome bands down in the dirty south.

Say what you wanna say about Sista Sekunden, but I have always like em, perhaps it's part of my "trallpunk" genes. Not to mention, they're a great live act too. And I don't think that anyone ever feel bored or negative when Andy is around. He just have that enthusiastic maner that I wished too see more of in my surroundings.
Bäddat För Trubbel
is a new experiance too me. I've heard and read so much about em so I thought I would give em a chance. I like punk, I like rock and I like bands singing in "skånska".
Got the Hårda Tider demo tape while we still doing Skitliv! and this is part of my unserious review:
"Fick en demo skickad av SxE kollektivet från i Malmö. Medlemmar från höger och vänster spelar klotter-hc. Dom har en 7" på gång, hoppas att det blir mer av Cimex stuket då".
Lately I read at some blog that they had plans of making a cover of Anti Cimex, or if it was Shitlickers for their next release. Haha.
I love how they flirting with Wu-Tang and parts of the graffiti culture with having a tag logo and pictures from "the yard" at the inlay. Even some lyrics for that matter. I admire punk bands who dare to push the limits, or when they take inspirations not only within the scene. Have still not listen to the 12" yet, but I liked their previously releases, so I don't think that I will get disappointed.
When it comes to Herätys am still speechless, it's a kind of magic.

Don't forget that it is Malmö HC fest this weekend, where you can see not only Herätys and Hårda Tider, but tons of other great acts from Malmö. I hope that Åke will give me a full report at sunday.
I know that Hedvux is going and that he'll bring his new camera so I expect some youtube clips mid next week as well. Gatan kallar, dags för dagens promenad. Sen ska det spisas skivor.

* Herätys - Helvettiin ja takaisin - 7" - 35sek (back in stock)
+ postage


Tjoppe said...

Malmö är klart den bästa staden i Sverige

Masken said...

HT LP'n är grymt jävla bra!

D-takt & Råpunk said...

MASKEN: sån jävla attack! tvillingtummar upp.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Vad Masken sa, HH LPn ar skitbra (men mitt forsta respons pa 7"an var kanske liknande Skitliv's recensionen hahaha)