Monday, January 24, 2011

2010/2011: Raw'Arse

- We were drunk as fuck, downing beers and smoking bifty's with only discharge screaming from the speakers. Cormy was visiting around april 2010, we decided it was time to finally do the band we'd long talked about, playing music we love, fucking raw punk!
we wrote some lyrics and stumbled around the house looking for equipment 2 15w guitar amps and half a drumkit later we were ready to make some drunken sloppy noise, holed up in a trailor for a day or two, along with david on guitar we recorded what was to become the 'kasikaks sessions' cassette tape, 82 copies on puke yellow.
so after a load of good reviews and kind words from others, we decided to take things a bit further, cormy was looking to have a break from the madness of london and came to stay with us in the forest to make some more noize. We recruited lillis to take over on drums, corm moved over to bass and i (pancho) took on vocals. Alot of time was spent in the traditional RAW'ARSE manner of smoking and drinking to a diet of discharge, disorder, destrucktions, shitlickers and more...
Another 10 songs were recorded and a scandinavian 'tour' which consisted of a gig in copenhagen with EXTORTION and LOVE POTION, (i think we're hated in denmark after a comment from us where we stated "If you don't take speed you're not a punk!")
so after getting paid we did what we do best and spent it on drugs, and partied with punks till the following day, before our second gig in malmö with the amazing DESTINO FINAL.....

- The future for RAW'ARSE is KONTON, BEER, HARDCORE PUNK & SPEED. Also look out for releases this year...STAY PUNX!

Newer bands worth checking out if you havn't allready...Mauser, Perdition, Herätys, Bog People, Lotus fucker, Crazy Spirit, Leprosy, Nerveskade, D-clone, Kylmä Sota, Destino Final...again the list could go on, i'm very excited about Hardcore punk right now.

For further info: Raw'arse