Thursday, December 11, 2008


It feels like a statement is needed to avoid further misunderstandings...

Now that many of you out there have heard the rumours about the band not being exactly who we said we were, maybe it's time for an explanation.

The whole thing started at the end of 2005 when Sylen and Jocke came up with the idea of doing a fanzine, interviewing some of the best d-beat rawpunk bands Sweden has to offer.
Our angle was to use to aliases which would allow us to ask stupid questions and act like idiots who didn't have a clue about anything in the world (or just didn't give a fuck maybe).
This way the interviews would end up a bit diffrent from the usual "for long have you played now-how many records have you released-what's your futureplans"-kind. And hopefully be a bit amusing and funny to the readers at the same time.
Inspired by a well-known swedish fanzine called "Sika Äpärä" from the 90-ties, we were rude and obnoxious towards the bands we were interviewing, and at the same time we made ourselves look like complete assholes with no kind of intellect at all.
It was our way of make fun of both the tight-ass PC-punks and of course the anti-PC-punks.
However, at some point doing the zine we started to mention our "cool band WARVICTIMS" in the interviews and the reviews (before WARVICTIMS even existed!) and before we knew it, people who read the zine started to ask about that band WARVICTIMS that we were braging so much about. So we had no other choice than to record a couple of songs (the "When the innocent cry"-recording) and put them on a myspace-page, just to prove there actually existed a band. We didn't expect people to like it, but most people did.
A couple of months passed and we started recording songs for WARVICTIMS more seriously, this time we put more time and heart in it and WARVICTIMS became more of a "real" band. The only thing that was bogus was our aliases "Challe" and "Fisen", that we still were using on the record sleeves.

And we did that for two reasons:
1. We were still doing the Skitliv! fanzine, and obviously would have been made if we suddenly started to use our real names.

2. We wanted see and read peoples reactions/reviews on WARVICTIMS without beeing compared to all the other bands we play or have played in.

Already at the beginning we decided that we were gonna do 10 issues of Skitliv! before we revealed the "truth", we didn't expect to come in contact with so many nice people along the way. And I wanna point out, all the mails we have answered have been 100% truthfully and honest, the only thing we wasn't 100% honest about was the signature at the end of the mails, when we wrote "Challe" or "Fisen" for instance. It was necessary to make the Skitliv!-charade last to the end. We really hope people understand that.
We havent lied to anyone we have had contact with through myspace or via mail!

The Warvictims tour we were set to to this fall, was in fact shut down cause of the reasons we have posted in our blogg earlier.
It wasn't part of the "Skitliv! joke", as some of you may believe. The thing is, I have had anxiety and depression problems for over a year now (well, longer than that really, but it kind of "bloomed" a year ago), starting we me on medication and ending with me had to quit my job at the end of the summer, still on medication. I really thought that I would be able to do the tour through Europe but I came to terms with myself that the best thing was to stay at home, trying to recure from these feelings and emotions or how you would put it (I suck at english, sorry!). I'm really not comfortable telling everyone about my personal life and my state of mind, but it feels I have no choice so that there will be no misunderstandings.
Everyone in the band are grateful for all the help and every single one who tried to make this tour happen.
Toda, Steve of war, Jakob/Shittown and everybody else!
We really wanted to do it. And maybe we can some day...
All this with the tour and so on have made us begin to wonder if the best thing is to just quit the band, since everything's just so complicated. I don't know. Personally I don't want that, but a band who can't play live is perhaps better of dead?
I don't want to be a burden or stand in the way for Warvictims futureplans or upcoming gigs. We still have some unreleased songs in the studio that we will finish and release. Then we'll see what happens in the future.

Finally, I just want to point out once and for all The zine Skitliv! was a joke that lasted for almost 4 years, but has nothing to do with WARVICTIMS/D-TAKT & RÅPUNK RECORDS, except for some of the members AND the use of the same aliases. We hope now that when Skitliv! is terminated, we can put the zine behind us and that people can take the WARVICTIMS for what it is, a real band.

Get in touch if you have any questions, it's hard to explain everything correctly as english is only my second language...
/Jocke A, aka Challe.

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